The Power of Support

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The Power of Food

Understanding how our bodies respond to food is a massive part of a reset. Over my 21 day program, I help you discover the foods that will send the right messages to your body to leave you feeling healthier and full of energy. By eating the right foods, in just 21 days you can say goodbye to those cravings and 3pm energy slumps.


“After ( Many) years of trying to lose weight, losing it & then gaining it, plus More, I Saw Sally and I feel a different person now! I didn’t realise that the foods I were eating were the reason I was So Tired and had no energy.””

Happy Client


“Sally has been so supportive and realistic in keeping me on track with my health and fitness goals.”

Thanks Sally


“I feel like my sugar cravings have almost gone completely, I guess due to eating more vegetables and protein combination rather than a carb-rich diet. I have truly loved every day feeling calm, clear and focused in mind and body. I'm tired at night without caffeine in my system and I wake up feeling rested and ready to meet the new day without the sluggishness of alcohol from the night before.”

Happily back on track


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